Year-Round Small Business Tax Preparation & Consulting Services

Solving Tax Problems and Understanding How To Avoid Them

Meeting a tax preparer once a year is not enough. To improve your small business - and receive more than numbers on a form - you need a tax consultant to help you understand how the business decisions you make impact your tax liability.

We get to know you over several one-on-one discussions - because it takes a thorough understanding of your business to minimize your tax exposure and eliminate surprises.

It's understandable if you are tired of your current small business accountant; your success is not just about working with a team that prepares thousands of tax returns each year. It's also about having the backing of a seasoned professional with a career-long emphasis on supporting small business owners and navigating their unique tax complexities.

The Consulting Support For All Tax Needs

Tax support isn't completely impactful unless it covers the wide range of areas within tax management. Below are the staples of Ahura Group business tax consulting services:

Business & Personal Income Tax

Make the best decisions for your business with all of the relevant facts and considerations that should influence your judgment. With an experienced tax consultant, you ensure that you ask important questions you may not have thought to ask otherwise, from when to make purchases and how to structure them to how you value your inventory.

Sales Tax

From sales and use tax to meals tax and more, learn to ensure accurate payment to your state and local governments by understanding how to collect the right amount from your customers. When changes take place, a tax consultant helps you make any necessary changes to comply with new requirements, including unique government processes.

Tax Notices

Sometimes you may not understand why you received a tax notice. But ignoring it is not a solution. If the IRS sent you a notice, Ahura Group will help you understand why and devise a plan to address your tax problems and pay any penalties.

Tax Planning

The best way to minimize the impact that taxes have on your small business is to be proactive. Ongoing discussions about your unique business and the decisions you make help you comprehend how certain choices impact your taxes and bottom line.

Payroll Tax

Ensure that you know all of your requirements, what information you need to complete your payroll tax forms and have access to all the necessary documentation. And, of course, guarantee the accuracy of your forms and the timeliness of their submission. Most importantly, protect your bottom line by understanding how compensating yourself and employees impacts your payroll tax, from strict payroll to healthcare benefits.

We are decidated to our clients year round!

At Ahura Group, we believe that you are our priority! No matter the question, we are always here to help! To get started, schedule an appointment with us today.

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